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The language of the site is only Russian, sorry. But you can see how it works as described below. It is a medical information site that contains a large number of articles on medicine, diseases, their treatment, diagnosis, as well as the directories of clinics, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and their products distributed in Russia. The site has many features and is designed taking into account the subsequent work of the editorial team to achieve high ranking in search results.


What was done during project development
  1. The structure and prototype of the site, the logic of all functions
  2. Installed and configured all the necessary plugins, made the necessary code improvements
  3. An adaptive from scratch template that meets the requirements of SEO promotion
  4. Created directories of drugs, clinics, doctors, pharmaceutical companies
  5. Dynamic search forms for directories written from scratch
  6. Created presentable service pages (About the project, Advertising, Contact Information)
  7. SEO-optimized for further promotion for target queries in search engines
  8. Carefully worked out and tested all the details for the site's ease of use
  9. Added all necessary counters and analytics tools (Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics, etc.)

Project Features

Implemented during the project development

Medical Institutions Directory

Popular Russian clinics with detailed information about the organization (contacts, services, description, location map), reviews and convenient search by various parameters. Doctors who work in this organization are loaded into the institution’s card. A widget of popular clinics was also created for use in other sections.

Doctors Directory

Detailed information about the doctors practicing in Russian clinics: services provided, education and work experience, places of work (yes, some work in more than one institution), patient reviews. The directory includes a search form for quick search for a profile or a specific specialist with the necessary parameters.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Directory

A child section of the drug directory with a list of pharmaceutical companies producing drugs. Inside the organization’s card, in addition to all the necessary information about the manufacturer, there is a list of drugs for which the company is the owner of the registration certificate, manufacturer or representative in Russia. The directory also contains a detailed search form.

Drug Directory

A functional and SEO-compliant drug directory containing detailed information on the composition, manufacturers, active substances, relevant diseases and symptoms, as well as instructions for use and patients’ reviews. Contains a detailed search form, as a large number of drug cards are planned, and in order to quickly find the right one, one can hardly do without a filter.

Health News & Articles

The sections are intended to fill the site with useful information about diseases, symptoms, treatment, diagnosis and prevention. Articles are optimized for relevant search queries and adapted to the current requirements of Yandex and Google search engines for higher ranking in their search results.

Service Pages

Additional, but equally important pages of the site, such as “About the Project”, “Advertisers” and “Contact Information” are laid out in the Langing Page format for a more convenient and “selling” presentation of information. Pages, as well as all other sections of the site, are fully responsive to different screen resolutions and adapted to SEO requirements.

Good Looking Home Page

For content sites, the main page is the least visited (the main traffic goes to search-optimized articles, medicine cards, clinics and doctors paged). Nevertheless, it is always the “face” of the site and the aggregator of new posts added to the site. Home page includes several elements from each site section.

Fully Adaptive Layout

More than 50 percent of the audience of information sites use mobile devices to view them, so finding a successful medical portal without an adaptive layout these days is difficult. The site is fully adapted to different screen resolutions and not only looks good, but is also easy to use, no matter what you are on.

Functional Search Forms

Search forms on this site are not only adaptive, but also functional. The site is made with the expectation of large amounts of data, and the search forms in this case will allow to quickly find the necessary information in accordance with the specified parameters. Forms memorize the result, even if you leave the page, can be hidden and shown if necessary (this action is also remembered for each form).

Full Compliance with the Principles of SEO

The main business goal of this site is to attract search traffic and its further monetization with the help of various advertising tools. Not only articles, but also all other sections, as well as the site as a whole, are optimized for SEO requirements, revealed during eight years of successful experience in this field. Everywhere there are nofollow and noindex tags to tell Yandex and Google search engines what is important and what should be missed, the titles (title and h1), descriptions, page structure are also worked out.


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