Native Goal Advertising Agency Promo Site

Plugins & Scripts

Involved in project development
  • JQuery
  • Font Awesome
  • uCalc
  • Виджет Яндекс.Телефонии
  • Magnific Popup
  • Owl Carousel
  • Виджет обратной связи Amo CRM
  • Немного голого Javascript

In view of its simplicity (just a single page without the need to update the content), the site is written without using any CMS. Naked PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. The site represents a promotional page of the company’s main service – native advertising of pharmaceutical and building brands on a large number of highly visited thematic content sites.


What was done during project development
  1. Created a prototype and then an adaptive promotional website itself with all the information on one page
  2. Additional information (price list, contacts, details fore advertising agencies) displayed in pop-up windows
  3. The text is written so that the layout is equally beautifully displayed on different devices
  4. Added all the necessary feedback widgets, callback and chat buttons
  5. Integration of the site and other forms of communication with the company with AmoCRM
  6. The site always automatically redirects to its https version
  7. Added all necessary counters and analytics tools (Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics, etc.)

Project Features

Implemented during the project development

All the Information on One Page

The site is a promotional page for quickly obtaining a brief information about the company and making a decision about applying for a service. For some wide resolutions, top navigation is available on the page (no need for mobile). All additional information (details for agencies, price list, contacts and feedback form) is hidden in pop-up windows.

Additional Information in Pop-ups

Pop-ups are a convenient solution for single-page sites. They allow not to load the page visually and at the same time the user, if necessary, can get additional information or take action (in this case, fill in the form for sending a request for a project calculation). All forms, as well as the page itself, are adaptive for different screen resolutions.

Fully Adaptive Layout

The site is equally convenient to watch, both on a computer with different operating systems, and on mobile devices. Layout adapts to the device from which the user is viewing the page and at the same time saves all the necessary information in a presentable form.

Amo CRM Integration

All calls to the company, whether through the feedback form on the site, through social networks, by e-mail or phone call automatically get into Amo CRM used for working with clients. All received data is transferred to the system and spread by the appropriate fields.


Of some project pages


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